We are certainly the leading shipping agency to handle marine and ships’ Spares in transit in the most appropriate manner in the sense that we have our in house customs broker as well as operating a sub office situated at a milestone from the airport to cater for incoming and outgoing air freight.  With us, the complexity of freights and transportation is eradicated.  Our dedicated and experienced team ensure that every stage of the supply chain is smooth as they understand the requirements and have the knowhow of the correct procedures assuring timely delivery on board vessels be it at anchorage or at berth . Our customers enjoy a one-stop-shop for all their logistics needs from sea to shore on a round the clock basis. As a single point of contact, we eliminate the hassle of coordinating with various parties.  Rebated port tariffs to vessel calling Port-Louis, anchorage, for such operation is being granted by the port authority. 

Easy Reference

  • Copy of AWB, Commercial Invoice and Packing List required well in advance
  • Ships’ spares are to be consigned to the order of: 
    Master and Owners ‘’Vessel Name’’
    ‘Ship’s spares in Transit’
    c/o Port Louis Shipping Agency Ltd
    BRN: C10096082
    KL Centre 101, Abattoir Road
    Port-Louis, Mauritius
    T : (230)2176600 F : (230)2179900
    E : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.